Cyber Monday: get this 24-inch Smart TV for under $100 today

Onn. 24-inch 720P HD Smart TV on a white background.

Cyber Monday deals are always the prime time to treat yourself to a new TV for far less than usual. Right now, at Walmart, you can buy an Onn. 24-inch 720P HD Smart TV for only $98. Reduced from $138, you save $40 on this small yet surprisingly useful TV. While it might not be one of the more exciting Cyber Monday TV deals around, it’s sure to be useful for anyone that wants a simple TV to put in their kitchen, kid’s bedroom, or anywhere else that needs something basic but functional. It’s already proved popular so grab it now before the deal ends.

Why you should buy the Onn. 24-inch 720P HD Smart TV

We’re not going to pretend this is one of the best TVs around. Onn. doesn’t even feature among our look at the best TV brands, but sometimes value for money is the most important factor. That’s where the Onn. 24-inch 720P HD Smart TV is pretty appealing. Its 720p resolution still looks pretty good on this sized screen, provided you don’t intend on using the latest games consoles. It also has Roku smart TV built-in so that you can quickly stream over 500,000+ movies and TV shows across every streaming app you can think of, as well as thousands of free or paid channels. In terms of flexibility, it’s hard to go wrong with the Onn. 24-inch 720P HD Smart TV as its smart services are actually on a par with pricier TVs.

As well as that, it works with Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. You can also heavily customize the home screen while you can use the Roku mobile app to speak your searches to the TV, saving you the need to dig out the remote. It’s convenience like this that makes it an ideal choice in the kitchen when your hands may already be full and you need to change the channel. For hooking up additional devices, it also has three HDMI inputs which could be useful depending on your setup.

Normally priced at $138, the Onn. 24-inch 720P HD Smart TV is down to $98 for a limited time only as part of the Walmart Cyber Monday sales. It’s already proving popular so snap it up now before you miss out on an impressively cheap bargain.

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