Cyber Monday Deal: Samsung’s Freestyle Portable Projector is $300 off

Samsung The Freestyle portable projector.

As the nights get darker earlier and earlier, we can feel sad about the lack of light in our life. What if there was something to take that frustration and completely kill it, making the darkness something to intensely look forward to? In our Cyber Monday deals roundup, we’ve found just the product (at an agreeable price) in the Samsung Freestyle. At only $598, you can get it now for $301 less than its usual price of $900.

Why you should buy the Samsung Freestyle

Samsung's The Freestyle projector sits on a table next to a sofa.

The Samsung Freestyle is a mere 1.83 pounds and 4.0 by 3.7 by 6.8 inches, making it a tiny (but still very powerful) portable projector. Working well in both cramped spaces and large open areas, the Samsung Freestyle can project images between 30 and 100 inches in 1080p. When you inevitably find yourself pointing it at your wall at a slight angle, preparing for a trapezoidal projection, you’ll instead find a nice rectangle due to Auto Keystone technology that smartly smooths out the edges of your viewing rectangle. When you do get it in the right spot, you’ll be happy that it will be able to stay that way and not get constantly jiggled due to pressing controls. The Samsung Freestyle has a wireless remote, just like any modern TV.

Speaking of modern TV, the Samsung Freestyle uses Samsung’s Tizen smart TV operating system, but you can also use your own media as well. Connecting to the Samsung Freestyle is easy via a USB-C connector, making it quick to use and giving it the title of the “projector for the Tik Tok era” in our Samsung Freestyle review. Additionally, the small box also has surprisingly good 360-degree speakers. Pop up some music with cool videos from your YouTube playlist and dance side by side with your favorite stars on the wall!

Getting a Samsung Freestyle for only $598 is probably the most exciting of our Cyber Monday projector deals, so be sure to pick one up while it is $301 off. That’s a third off of Walmart’s usual price for the Samsung Freestyle, $900. Plus, when you buy from Walmart, you’ll get free shipping and a free return window of 90 days.

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