Cyber Monday deal: Get a TCL soundbar and subwoofer for $59

TCL Alto R1 wireless Roku TV Ready Soundbar

Add a soundbar with a subwoofer for an immediate home theater upgrade or score a soundbar to complete the best TV you buy today during the Cyber Monday sale. Either way, you’ll get great sound. We’re scouring the speakers, soundbars, and all of the greatest Cyber Monday Subwoofer deals to get you the equipment you really need. The TCL Alto 5+ soundbar with wireless subwoofer combo at Walmart is a steal. During this last major shopping event of the year, you can buy the TCL Alto+ for just $59, a $21 savings from the regular $80 price. If you’re looking for a soundbar with a subwoofer to add dimensional sound to your system without spending a ton, this is the deal you’ve been looking for.

Why you should buy the TCL Alto 5+

The TCL Alto 5+ is a 31.9-inch soundbar that can be placed below your TV or mounted to your wall. It will create a richer sound for whatever you’re watching via specialized sound modes. For example, movie mode is made to emphasize the sounds of human speech and the intense moments of action movies. Similarly, music mode and TV mode enhance these types of media as well.

We discussed it a lot in our how-to-buy a soundbar guide, but two things pop out that are very relevant to the TCL Alto 5+: smarts and subwoofers. We said that smart soundbars are becoming more and more popular, and the TCL Alto 5+ didn’t miss that mark at all. It comes Roku-ready, meaning it will connect with your existing Roku TV remote quickly. It’s a little less smart, but still worth mentioning, that you’ll also be able to connect to your phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth device via a Bluetooth 5.1 connection to play whatever music you want. Circling back to subwoofers, our guide warned that not all subwoofers are compatible with every soundbar. As this is a combo deal, that’s one problem you won’t have to worry about. Additionally, the TCL Alto 5+’s included subwoofer is fully wireless, so you can get the bass you need emanating from wherever you like in your home.

To get your TCL Alto 5+ bundle for only $59, be sure to order now. That way, you can get $21 off the usual price of $80. Then, be sure to check out our other Cyber Monday deals, where we’ve got laptops, TVs, and more excitement rounded up just for you!

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