Amazon Echo Show 15 is $80 off with this Cyber Monday deal

Amazon Echo Show 15 hanging horizontally on the wall.

Some Cyber Monday deals may be available after today, but as of midnight tonight, you can count on the prices of Amazon Echo smart devices snapping right back to the full list price. Whether you look on Amazon or Best Buy, the deal prices will disappear. That being said, today, there are some truly attractive Cyber Monday Amazon Echo deals to be had; just don’t forget until tomorrow. Best Buy’s Cyber Monday $170 sale price for the Amazon Echo Show 15 smart display cuts $80 off the $250 full price. If you want the current best smart display available, buy it today while you can still save.


Why you should buy the Amazon Echo Show 15

Our Amazon Echo Show 15 review praised the 15.6-inch diagonal measure display on the Show 15, but a large screen alone isn’t the whole story. The Show 15 supports multiple widgets, a class of utilities for notes, tasks, lists, schedules, photos, weather, maps, and more that can be pasted and moved around the display by family members. Because the Show 15’s display real estate is relatively large, there’s enough room for a generous selection of widgets. You can mount the Show 15 in landscape or portrait mode, depending on your wall space and personal preference. With an optional stand for the display, you also can place it on a table, cabinet, or desk.

The Echo Show 15 leads the small pack of best smart displays because of its versatility. You can play music or watch movies or TV on the large display and set it to cycle through personal photos. The more you employ Alexa-compatible smart home devices in your home, the more you’ll appreciate the Show 15’s central station-like properties. Monitor your smart devices and configure a video doorbell and security cameras to automatically display their video captures on the Show 15 with a smart home dashboard.

There are always great bargains to be found during large sales events, and you can often, but not always, find Amazon Echo deals on Amazon and Best Buy. Best Buy’s Cyber Monday deal for the Amazon Echo Show 15 is particularly attractive because of the Show 15’s current best-of-class status in Digital Trends’ latest best smart displays face-off. Save $80 on the Echo Show 15 today before midnight. Right now, the Amazon Echo Show 15 is $170, but at midnight tonight, the price will go back to its regular $250. Snoozing means losing this deal, for sure.

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