Get an iPhone SE for $99 for Cyber Monday, because why not?

iPhone SE 2020 Screen Front.
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It’s a deal that keeps getting better and better as time passes. You can get an iPhone SE (2020 edition) that is locked to Straight Talk, one of America’s best prepaid phone plans, for only $99 at Walmart. That’s $50 off of the standard price of the locked phone at $149 and way lower than you’ll be able to get an unlocked iPhone SE for. Thanks to being part of Cyber Monday phone deals, this is the lowest price yet on this particular phone. So be sure to act soon and take advantage of this fantastic phone deal while it lasts.

Why you should buy the iPhone SE

iPhone SE 2022 launching in Q1 Gurman

The first part of this deal to examine closely is the fact that the phone is tied to Straight Talk. You might be hesitant to switch to a phone plan so tightly attached to Walmart, expecting hidden fees or random stealth charges for using too much data — or worse yet, barely any data at all. However, these fears turn out to be completely unfounded. Your plan is based on what you pay for and add to your phone. While it is possible to pay by the month, you can also prepay for an entire year. As you’re paying upfront, you know exactly what you’re getting ahead of time. As a result, there’s no sneakiness or smokes and mirrors — you pay for the service you want as you want it.

Next, let us take a look at the iPhone SE itself. It comes with 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, making it a fantastic choice for a first iPhone. The humble 4.7-inch screen displays at 750p, which makes for a workable screen that will get the job done. Modern conveniences like Lightning ports and 4K video recording are included as well. Even though factors like its 12-megapixel main camera show its age a bit, there are also plenty of accessories, as well as cases and covers for the iPhone SE so you’ll never have to feel left out of the fun.

Overall, we recommend giving both the iPhone SE and Straight Talk a chance. This recommendation becomes even more pronounced when you can get the phone as part of the Cyber Monday deals going on right now. Try it out and get an iPhone SE for just $99, which is $50 off the standard $149 price.

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