Get a year of Norton Antivirus for PC or Mac for $20 for Cyber Monday

The box of the Norton 360 Deluxe antivirus software with LifeLock.

If you’ve been browsing through these Cyber Monday laptop deals, you’ll need to protect them with antivirus. Of course, there are many different antivirus applications out there, but Norton 360 Deluxe is a product that’s consistently at or near the top of the leaderboards when it comes to a complete safety suite. Luckily, you can grab it for a massive discount at Walmart for just $20, compared to the usual $90 it goes for, which is an impressive deal.

Why you should buy Norton 360 Deluxe

While you can certainly grab a Norton Antivirus free trial to check it out, you don’t get the same complete package as you do with the Norton 360 Deluxe. For starters, beyond just being able to scan your computer for potentially malicious files, 360 Deluxe does live monitoring so that you don’t accidentally download something bad and get infected. This always-on monitor doesn’t impact performance either, which is great, so you can set and forget it when you buy it. Even better, Norton throws in a free VPN, and while it might not be as amazing as some of the stuff you’d find on this list of best VPN deals, it’s still an excellent VPN for being free.

Another great service Norton includes is Dark Web monitoring to ensure that your personal information isn’t being leaked, and if it is, at least you can get ahead of the problem and change your information. If that wasn’t enough, Norton gives you 50GB of secure cloud storage for your most important files. Again, it won’t compete with some of the best cloud storage services, but it’s excellent for something included in a $20 bundle. The best of all is that the malware protection can be applied to five different devices, so for that one-year subscription cost, you can spread it out on several devices.

Overall, the Norton 360 Deluxe is one of the better Cyber Monday deals if you want a security suite for your laptop or desktop PC. This deal from Walmart makes the whole package a steal, especially given that the malware protection applies to five different devices, so if you need an antivirus solution, you should act on this quickly.

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