Cyber Monday is your last chance to get an Apple Watch for $149

Apple Watch SE
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

As we continue to monitor Cyber Monday deals, we’ve found a great one at Walmart on the Apple Watch SE, a smartwatch that has a lot of features without hurting you too much in the price department. In fact, while this deal is still on, you can pick one up for just $149. That’s $130 down from the typical price of $279. Based on all current indications, this is the last time we’ll see a deal this great on the Apple Watch SE, so be sure to grab yours from Walmart’s online shop now while you still can!

Why you should buy the Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is a powerful, but small machine that does more than take a smartphone, shrink it, and pop it on your wrist. Instead, it takes advantage of being on your wrist and measures your heart rate and body movements (think tai chi workouts). It will even prompt you to have better handwashing habits by giving you a 20-second timer when it senses the telltale signs of the act. And while there are some waterproof phones, it is worth mentioning that the Apple Watch SE is swimproof up to 50 meters and can be taken with you for a dip in the pool. Just don’t go waterskiing or scuba diving and it should weather your most intense activities.

Our Apple Watch SE review called it “the best Apple Watch for most people” from the moment it was launched due to its price and outstanding features. This was especially true for iPhone users because the best smartwatches from other brands naturally couldn’t do as much within the iOS system as an Apple Watch can. This leads to the biggest competitor for the Apple Watch SE being itself … or rather, the Apple Watch SE 2. When we compared the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch SE 2, we found that the Apple Watch SE 2 was obviously better, but that upgrading from the original SE to an SE 2 wasn’t necessarily the best choice. The Apple Watch SE is a great smartwatch in its own right.

Act now to pick up your Apple Watch SE for $149, down $130 from its typical $279 price. It’s a great deal that you should leap on if your interested, because we probably won’t see anything like it again this year. And while we’re still big fans of the Apple Watch SE, if you’re still not satisfied by what you’re seeing here, you can still check out our other Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals. There’s a lot of stuff being pushed at steep discounts right now, so we’re positive you’ll find the watch for you.

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