This Bykski external cooler is bigger than your PC

Every gamer knows cooling is one of the pillars of gaming performance (along with CPU, GPU, and RAM). Every gamer also knows not all cooling is equal. Bykski’s new external cooler hopes to level the playing field.

As first reported by Tom’s Hardware, the Bykski B-1080-CEC-X is an external cooler with cold exhaust heat dissipation that you can set up next to your tower, because forget minimalism. It has nine 120 mm fans mounted in a 3 x 3 array.

A Bykski B-1080-CEC-X external cooler next to a mid-size PC tower with tubes feeding into the side against a rose background
Image: Bykski

Setup is simple, according Bykski. It is a liquid cooler — except the pump draws heat out of your case and into this monstrosity. It even comes with a 46mm-thick copper and brass radiator, and a reservoir for G1/4 fitting to your liquid cooling loops. The pump has a flow of up to 700 liters per minute.

Bykski claims it can handle up to 2,000 watts of heat dissipation, which is an impressive amount. It may even be enough to handle Nvidia’s infamous melting GeForce RTX 4090.

The trade-off you get for supreme cooling is extreme bulkiness. The Bykski B-1080-CEC-X is 419 mm high and 138 mm wide, with a depth of 488 mm. To simplify, this is a chunky boi. It could be bigger than your PC.

Who would use such a beefy cooling system? Aside from the most extreme high-end gaming systems with a lot of heat, such as a machine running a 13th-gen Intel Core i9 13900K with an RTX 4090 at full speed, this unit probably has more industrial usage. It would be great for cooling high-capacity servers, or professional-grade PCs with multiple GPUs. The cryptomining crowd will love this thing.

You’re going to pay a pretty penny if you’re considering buying this machine. It was spotted in Japan for just over $525. But let’s be realistic here – you probably don’t need it. There are many great coolers out there you can purchase for a fraction of the cost, and they’ll all fit nicely inside your system. After all, design is another of the pillars of gaming.

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