The best Black Friday TV deals under $500 from a TV expert

I’ve been testing and evaluating TVs for over 12 years, and over that time I’ve learned that the best advice I can give to anyone shopping for Black Friday TV deals is this: Don’t buy the biggest, cheapest TV you can find.

Unless the new TV you’re about to buy on Black Friday is headed to the garage, an R.V., or some other place where the picture quality and longevity of the TV aren’t big concerns, you are better off buying a TV you will love for a long time at a great price than simply buying the biggest TV you can find at the lowest price possible. Don’t lose sleep over the idea that you’re only saving $300 instead of the $400 you could save if you just bought this one admittedly not-so-great TV.

In fact, I would rather folks go check out our list of the best TVs you can buy and just find the most affordable option from there. But I digress. It’s Black Friday, you’re in a hurry, and you need the goods now. So here is my list of the only TVs I would personally buy this Black Friday, all of them under $500.

Oh, and it being Black Friday and all, it’s possible some of these deals may run out. We’ll do our best to keep this list updated, though.

TCL 4-Series 55-inch 4K Roku TV

A TCL 4 Series 4k TV is mounted on a brick wall in a living room.

This is one of the smartest TV buys you can make this year. The TCL 4-Series offers remarkably solid performance at a ridiculously low price. It’s got Roku built right in, so it is easy to use, and you’ll get streaming right away. The fact that you can get a 55-inch version of this TV under $300 is mind-blowing to me.

Hisense U7H 55-inch 4K HDR Google TV

If you can spend right up to the $500 mark, then just get this TV. In my review of the Hisense U7H, I essentially said, “I can’t believe this TV is so good.” Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. But in case you want a little confidence boost, know this: The Hisense U7H offers incredibly high brightness for the price, as well as excellent black levels and contrast. Pair that will great color production, and you have a legit HDR TV that will have your jaws dropping on the floor if you’re upgrading from just about anything more than four years old.

Seriously, if $500 is in the budget, just buy this TV.

TCL 5-Series 55-inch 4K HDR Roku TV

TCL 5-Series TV

If you prefer Roku to Google TV, or just prefer the TCL brand in general, then this is deal for you. The TCL 5-Series offers remarkable value with brilliant color, great brightness, and solid contrast. Like the Hisense U7H above, it’s a no-brainer buy. The Hisense U7H is slightly brighter than this TCL 5-Series, but not by a lot. Also, I personally think the TCL 5-Series looks a bit cleaner and more refined for fast-moving sports. You really can’t go wrong with this TV.

Buy with confidence

That’s it. That’s the list. It’s short on purpose. I’ve tested enough TVs over the past few years to know the go-to models, and these are absolutely the smartest buys right now. I’ll stake my reputation on these picks. Buy, and you will not be disappointed with what you get for what you paid.

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