MagSafe PopSockets are life changing, and on sale for Black Friday

If you have an iPhone 12 or later, then your iPhone has one of the best features that Apple recently introduced for the iPhone: MagSafe. With MagSafe, there is essentially a ring of magnets in the back of the iPhone, which means your phone can magnetically attach itself to (or vice versa) a plethora of MagSafe-compatible accessories, including chargers, battery packs, phone grips, mounts, mobile tripods, and so much more. Honestly, MagSafe is one of those iPhone hardware features that I simply cannot live without anymore, and I really wish Android manufacturers would copy it so that it becomes an industry standard.

But what’s one of my most-used MagSafe accessories? That’s easy: PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe. This handy little thing practically lives on my iPhone 14 Pro the entire day, and I only take it off when I need to use another MagSafe accessory, like my car mount. It’s my most-used MagSafe accessory, and right now you can grab it for 20% off at Amazon, as well as the PopSockets website, bringing it down to just $24 from the original $30 price tag.

Why you should buy a PopGrip for MagSafe

PopGrips attached to two iPhones.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

PopSockets have been around for a long time now, and when they first came out, I thought they were pretty dumb to be honest. I mean, why would I want to stick this round thing on my phone and not be able to lay it flat on a surface? But then I bought one, and boy, these things are game-changers.

With a PopSocket PopGrip, I found it so much easier to hold my phone with one hand. I bought my first PopGrip with an iPhone XS, which had a 5.8-inch screen. I loved the size, even if it was still a little big for my small, petite hands. Though it is definitely better than the current 6.1-inch size of my iPhone 14 Pro, I still struggled with one-handed use. Once I put a PopGrip on, it was more manageable. Plus, I could use the PopGrip as a makeshift stand if I wanted to.

But there was one thing I didn’t like about PopGrips: they stuck on your device using adhesive. Though it’s easy enough to reposition it if need be, it would be a pain in the butt to do it constantly if you use wireless chargers or car mounts, or even just change phone cases often. I’d also get worried about the adhesive wearing out, and then it wouldn’t “stick” as well.

The PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe changes all of that. It has a larger, pill-shaped “base” to accommodate for the magnet placement on the iPhone itself, or any compatible MagSafe case. But since it uses magnets to attach itself, rather than adhesive, it is easy to take it off when you need to, and then just slap it back on. This is much easier than the adhesive, which can wear out over time — but my MagSafe PopGrip is still going strong over a year later!

You can also swap out those PopTops

iPhone 14 Pro with Speck MagSafe Presidio Grip case on, with a black PopSocket MagSafe with Walt Disney World 50th Celebration PopSocket, along with a collection of MagSafe battery packs and PopTops.
Christine Romero-Chan/Digital Trends

Another thing I really love about PopSockets is the fact that there are so many cool designs. I have acquired a decent collection of Disney PopSockets (with a little bit of Marvel) and though the PopGrip for MagSafe doesn’t have Disney-specific designs, I can simply swap out the tops. The MagSafe PopGrip comes with a swappable top, so you can just use the base and put your favorite PopTop on, giving your iPhone 12, iPhone 13, or iPhone 14 a dash of personality!

The design choice for the PopGrip for MagSafe is rather limited in terms of colors and patterns, unfortunately. Though I have a few different colors in my collection, I have been using the solid black one regularly — black looks good with anything, after all. The black one doesn’t detract from whichever PopTop I’m showing off either.

PopSockets for all

Though I’ve been going on about the MagSafe-specific PopGrip (there is also a MagSafe PopWallet+ as well), PopSockets currently has 20% off everything on its website. This includes not only the MagSafe collection, but phone cases, mounts, the entire selection of various PopGrip designs, including the new Dimensionals premium grips, Disney, holiday, Anker MagGo battery pack with integrated PopGrip, and more.

Basically, if you need a fantastic grip on your iPhone or Android smartphone, look no further than PopSockets. There are so many to choose from, and they will definitely turn heads with style while still being functional.

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