Audible Black Friday deal drops the price of Premium by 60%

The Audible app on a smartphone showing an audiobook, with a pair of headphones and an Amazon Echo Dot alongside.

Bookworms and audiobook lovers with an eye on a good book are in luck today, as one of the best Black Friday deals drops the price of an Audible Premium membership to just $6 per month for four months. This would normally set you back $15 per month, making this Black Friday Audible deal worth a solid $9 per month in savings. With this deal, after four months your Audible Premium membership will go to the normal price of $15 per month, but you can cancel at any time with no fees.

Why you should get an Audible Premium membership

Audiobooks are a great way to take in a book while your eyes are otherwise occupied, such as when you’re stuck in traffic or multitasking at work. An Audible Premium membership gets you access to thousands of book titles, among other things, and it’s also a great way to make further use of one of the best ebook readers or one of the best tablets. It allows you to listen all you want to a growing collection of audiobooks, podcasts, and even Audible Original content. You can also listen to audiobooks on Audible on devices such as the Amazon Echo and other smart speakers.

In addition to the thousands of titles you get access to with an Audible Premium membership is things like discounts and even audiobooks to keep as all yours. Every month you’re able to choose one best-seller or new release from the full Audible catalog to keep, and exclusive members-only discounts are all yours too, including 30% off all additional Audible titles. Audible has a couple different monthly plans you can choose from, and an Audible free trial is one of the best free trials available. But this Black Friday deal isn’t likely to be topped, so we recommend you pounce on it while you can.

While an Audible Premium membership is typically somewhat expensive at $15 per month, this Black Friday discount allows you to subscribe for just $6 per month for the first four months. That’s an impressive savings, and you’re free to cancel the subscription at any point with no fees or further commitment.

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