Black Friday: Get this HP Full HD projector with Roku for just $137

The HP CC200 projector with accessories and a projected Roku home screen.

The early, cool nights that define the end of fall mean one thing: It’s time for a projector! Far from the campy, flickering things your teachers used back in high school, the modern projectors that you can spot throughout our Black Friday projector deals are crisp and come with about as many features as a TV. The HP CC200 is no different, coming with Roku and a whole host of features we’ll get into more in a second. Plus, as part of the ongoing Walmart Black Friday deals, you can get the HP CC200 for only $137. That’s $62 off the standard $199 price and a deal worth bragging about.

Why you should buy the HP CC200 projector

When looking for the best projectors, you have to start with the machine’s capabilities. For the HP CC200, that’s going to be focused on image quality, sound, image innovation, and entertainment options. As a Full HD projector, you’ll get crisp imagery from it. Built-in 6-watt stereo speakers will give you an immersive experience without forcing you to splurge on separate speakers. That nasty blue light that you keep hearing about? The HP CC200 has tech that filters it to keep your nighttime viewing comfortable and healthy. Finally, you can access the entertainment you want from many places with the HP CC200. It has built-in Roku, but the projector can also connect to external devices via USB and HDMI. You can even use the second USB for your keyboard or mouse to help control the action. In short, with the HP CC200, you’re never short on options.

Additionally, the HP CC200 comes with an 84-inch mobile projection screen to ensure you always have at least one good surface to project onto. If you don’t already have a great projector screen or empty wall space, you won’t be left out. However, you aren’t limited by it or its size. For example, from just 4 feet away from your intended surface, you can get a 50-inch screen, while at 7 feet you can get a fuller 80-inch screen. This is because of the HP CC200’s short throw lens that allows you to use it comfortably even in cramped surroundings.

To make the most out of these early nights, why not get the HP CC200 projector for your family while it’s still on sale? At only $137, you’re getting a chance at $62 off the typical $199 price. It is also “gift eligible” at Walmart, meaning you can send it to a friend or loved one with a gift receipt and no fear of a price tag showing. Grab it while you can.

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