Harvestella fishing guide: how to unlock, how it works, and more

If you ever get bored of saving the world or tending crops, Harvestella gives you the option to cast out a line and catch some fish. However, fishing isn’t immediately available when you first load the game. It’s rather easy to unlock – although you’ll need to earn a bit of Grilla first and know exactly which NPC to chat with before it becomes readily available.

Here’s how to unlock fishing in Harvestella, along with tips on how to fish and why you should give it a few minutes of your time.

The Fishing Knowledge item at the General Store in Lethe.

How to unlock fishing in Harvestella

In order to unlock the fishing skill in Harvestella, you’ll need to buy the Fishing Knowledge item from the Lethe Village General Store. That means you’ll first need to discover Lethe Village – which occurs naturally as you follow the main quest – and gather the 800 Grilla needed for the purchase.

A quick way to earn Grilla as a beginner is to simply sell all the resources you stumble upon during your adventure. Combined with the crops you should be growing on your farm, it shouldn’t take more than a few days to pull together the required funds.

A fishing spot in Harvestella.

How does fishing work in Harvestella?

With the Fishing Knowledge item purchased, you’re now free to start fishing. You can’t cast a line just anywhere, however, and you’ll need to stick to designated fishing spots. These can be easily located on your mini-map by searching for the fish icon. Once you’re at a fishing spot, here’s how to cast out your line and reel in a fish.

Step 1: When next to a fishing spot, press A to cast out your line.

A player fishing in Harvestella.

Step 2: Fish will begin nibbling at your line, but you’ll need to wait for your bobber to go entirely underwater before pressing A again to complete the catch. A nearly foolproof way to fish is by sound. Simply wait for the large splash sound effect to play, and you’ll know something is hooked.

A hooked fish in Harvestella.

Step 3: Once you’ve reeled in your fish, you’ll get a notification about what type of fish you’ve caught, along with some statistics about your catch.

A menu in Harvestella showing the stats of your catch.

Step 4: Keep in mind that different fish can be found at different fishing spots, so it’s worth your time to venture to new areas and cast out your line. If you just keep fishing in Lethe Village, you’ll never see all 50+ fish available in Harvestella.

Why fishing is an important skill to master

Fishing is important for a few different reasons. For one, fish can be used in a variety of recipes. These recipes are, in turn, used to craft delicious meals that can heal you on the battlefield. As you approach the harder stages of Harvestella, you’ll need to have some hearty food in your backpack if you’re hoping to survive – many of which require fish.

Even if you decide not to cook, fishing is a great source of additional income. Not only is it easy, but it requires nothing more than a simple time commitment. You won’t need to purchase bait, your rod can’t break, and there are few money-making methods that are as foolproof as fishing. It’s also a great way to change up your routine, as running dungeons and farming might get old after a few seasons.

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