Samsung’s 4K rotating Mini-LED Ark gaming monitor is $700 off

Samsung Odyssey Ark in cockpit mode.

Samsung is no stranger to the best Black Friday monitor deals. And right now the Samsung Odyssey Ark, the big, wide, and rotatable curved monitor has sharp discount of $700 off the typical $3,500 price. Getting this monitor for just $2,800, a full 20% off, is the perfect way to set yourself up right for the upcoming Winter Steam Sale and full year of intense gaming.

Why you should buy the Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is a truly impressive monitor for the modern gamer. At 55 inches, a screen size usually reserved for TVs, you’re getting a lot of real estate for your eyes to feast on. And feast they will, with the 4K UHD (that’s 2160p) curved monitor running a 165Hz refresh rate and impressive 1 ms response time. That’s not to mention the HDR10+ that brings the mini-LED created colors a living, breathing beauty. When all of this is combined with the Samsung Odyssey Ark’s four corner speakers and two central woofers, you’ve got that rare chance to become literally immersed (engulfed?) in your gaming again. And that’s just what we get with the full-screen experience.

What really sets the Samsung Odyssey Ark apart is the multiscreen and rotating capabilities it provides. Using Samsung Multi-View you can partition your screen — when using Samsung apps — to mimic a very customizable multi-monitor layout. In other words, the Samsung Odyssey Ark is perfect for the gamer who wants multiple monitors (that can change size!) but only sometimes. You won’t have to sacrifice the big screen for your three or four small screens. The effect is even better when the Ark is rotated, giving you a stackable trio of 16:9 video feeds. Game on one, then glance up at your favorite streamers from time to time on the other two. It’s a truly unique outfit, and worth a try… if you can get it while it is on a hot sale!

If this deal were worthy of your cart, be sure to check out other great Samsung Black Friday deals before you check out. We’ve found projectors, Chromebooks, TV’s, and of course more monitors to compare the Samsung Odyssey Ark with if it turns out to not be your thing. But, how could it not be while it is on this massive sale at $700 off. That’s a hard-to-turn-down final price of $2,800.

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