Xbox Series S just got a rare discount in time for the holidays

Xbox Series S
Louis-Philippe Poitras on Unsplash

Console gaming has become quite expensive, which is why it’s no surprise that the latest generation of consoles has come with digital versions; that is, versions that can’t take a physical disc but are cheaper. The Xbox Series S has taken that one step further by being slightly less powerful than the Xbox Series X and yet significantly cheaper. Luckily, if you’ve been looking through Best Buy Black Friday deals, there are some great deals across the board, including for the Series S, which you can pick up for just $250 compared to the usual $300 price tag.

Why you should buy the Xbox Series S

When the Xbox Series S first came out, it wasn’t that notable and not necessarily a good buy, especially as developers were starting to figure out how to optimize their games for two different power levels of the Xbox consoles. In the past two years, though, the Series S has found its place with better optimization, and with Microsoft recently allowing developers to access more Series S memory, it’s become a powerful console. Even better, due to the big run on the Series X, where you tend to see scalper prices, the Series S has remained relatively untouched and is easy to find stock on sites like Best Buy.

Of course, if you’re looking for something with high fidelity or framerates, the Series S isn’t going to cut it, and if you own a sizeable 4k TV, then you should be aiming for a Series X. That said, if you’re going to grab a gaming monitor deal for something at 1080p with a 120fps refresh rate, you probably wouldn’t even really notice a big difference in visual quality between the Series S and X. That’s especially the case with more stylized games, such as Ori and Will of the Wisp.

As such, the Series S is a better and cheaper option than the Series X if you’re going to do more casual or solo gaming with a smaller monitor, and with the deal from Best Buy, you can get it for just $250, making it an even better deal. Of course, if you do want the Series X, there are a lot of great Black Friday deals going on, including for Xbox games you can pick up, or alternatively, check out some of these video gaming deals.

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