Where to watch Sleepless in Seattle

Not many rom-coms open with a funeral, but then Sleepless in Seattle isn’t your typical rom-com. The two leads almost never share a scene together and the action is largely propelled by two adolescents who know better than the adults in the room. There’s not really a villain either, unless you count an annoying date with a fake laugh and a perpetually sick fiancé as hateful antagonists. (We don’t.)

Part of the charm of the 1993 film is how different it was, and still is, from other films like it. Another big reason is, of course, is the pairing of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, who generate indelible chemistry, even when their characters are separated by thousands of miles and countless misunderstandings. There’s a reason why it’s held up all these years later, and why people continue to want to stream it after all this time.

Where is Sleepless in Seattle streaming?

A better question is, where isn’t Sleepless in Seattle streaming? The 1993 classic is available on practically every platform, but that’s largely due to one cable provider being carried by multiple streaming services. Showtime is the current home of the movie, and the cable network is available to stream on these platforms: Paramount+, YouTube, Prime Video, The Roku Channel, and Hulu. You need a Premium subscription to Showtime to watch the movie on any of these platforms, plus a subscription to the preferred platform.

Of course, you could just go the source and watch it on Showtime or Showtime Anywhere. Showtime is one of the premier legacy cable networks, and it has a deep library of classic and current movies like X, Scream, and Confess, Fletch, TV shows like Let the Right One In and Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, and live events like boxing.

Finally, you can also stream the Meg Ryan rom-com on fuboTV.

When does it stream for subscribers?

Sleepless in Seattle is now streaming for your viewing pleasure.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

That depends on which platform you are subscribing to. Again, let’s focus on the source: Showtime. A monthly subscription will cost you $11, while an annual subscription will set you back $100.

For a platform like Paramount+, you can choose the “Essential” package and bundle that with Showtime for $12 a month or $120 a year. Various platforms differ slightly in prices, so be sure to check which one is the right fit for you (and your wallet).

Is it worth it?

Sleepless in Seattle (1993) Trailer HQ

Well, sure. The popularity of the movie is justified; it’s a legitimate charmer, with almost zero of the usual saccharine that usually accompanies movies in this genre. That’s thanks to writer/director Nora Ephron, who hadn’t yet compromised her talents with hokum like You’ve Got Mail (which reunited Hanks and Ryan in a woeful 1998 rom-com) and the film adaptation of Bewitched. Her clever screenplay, which was nominated for an Oscar that year, balances wit and whimsy with aplomb.

Also, look at that cast! You have not only Hanks and Ryan in their prime, but also Rosie O’Donnell, Rob Reiner, Bill Pullman, David Hyde Pierce, Gaby Hoffman, Rita Wilson, Victor Garber, Frances Conroy, and many more. There’s also a great soundtrack featuring the likes of Louis Armstrong, Carly Simon, and other greats.

Sleepless in Seattle has a score of 75% on the Tomatometer and a critics score of 72.

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