This is your chance to take home a 32-inch HDTV for $108

We’ve found one of the best Black Friday TV deals for anyone on the tightest of budgets and in need of a new TV. If you don’t mind having an HDTV instead of a 4K one, you can buy a 32-inch Onn. HDTV for only $108 at Walmart as part of the Walmart Black Friday deals already unfolding. Usually priced at $144, you save $36 off the usual price, bringing it down to $108. While this won’t suit home cinema fans, it’s great if you need a TV for your kid’s room or even the bathroom. With it proving popular, here’s a quick look at why it’s worth it.

Why you should buy the Onn. 32-inch HDTV

Not exactly one of the best TV brands around, the Onn. 32-inch HDTV is still worth checking out when money is tight. Sometimes, all you need is a TV that works. In the case of the Onn. 32-inch HDTV, it’s certainly straightforward. There’s the 720p resolution which looks good enough for a few years ago and will do for anyone that wants the basics. More importantly, the Onn. 32-inch HDTV has Roku Smart TV built-in. You can easily use it to watch over 500,000 movies and TV shows via pretty much every streaming app you can think of. There are thousands of free and paid channels available with Roku, making it easy to navigate thanks to its customizable home screen.

A real timesaver, the Onn. 32-inch HDTV also offers voice controls if you don’t mind installing the Roku app to your phone. It’s a useful way to save you from relying on the physical remote, while also making it easier to search for particular shows or movies. If you want more functionality, the Onn. 32-inch HDTV also has three HDMI ports for hooking up other devices such as a games console.

The Onn. 32-inch HDTV keeps things simple but at this price, and it’s ideal if you really need to count the pennies or you simply need a basic TV for your kids. Normally priced at $144, it’s down to $108 right now as part of the early Walmart Black Friday deals. Giving you a chance to beat the rush, this is an ideal way to get the TV you need at a great price.

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