This 65-inch QLED TV is in the discount bin for less than $400

The 50-inch Onn QLED 4K Roku TV hanging on a wall.

Walmart Black Friday deals are traditionally a great time to buy a new TV and this year is no different. With the sale starting a little early, you can beat the rush and buy an Onn. 65-inch QLED TV for only $398, saving you a huge $180 off the usual price. A fantastic opportunity to embrace the latest visual technology for less, this is easily one of the best Black Friday TV deals around. The perfect chance to beat the rush, here’s why you need this TV in your life.

Why you should buy the Onn. 65-inch QLED TV

QLED is a relatively new technology that provides a far better picture than standard 4K. The QLED panel is able to provide more precisely controlled color output which leads to more vibrant colors, deeper blacks, and brighter images as you watch. With sharp contrast and upscaling abilities, whatever you watch will look stunning. It also has 60 local dimming zones that improve the contrast ratio so the parts of the screen that need to stay dark do so, while other areas are bright.

Additionally, the Onn. 65-inch QLED TV has a refresh rate of 120Hz so it can handle fast-moving action or gaming without a problem. There’s also Dolby Vision support so you get fantastic color, contrast, and brightness. While for the audio side of things, there’s Dolby Atmos providing you with a more immersive sound experience thanks to spatial audio.

Alongside such key functions, Roku has also been built in to make it easy to find all your favorite shows via streaming app services. A Roku voice remote further simplifies the process. This may not quite be one of the best QLED TVs but at this price, you’ll still be delighted.

Ordinarily priced at $578, the Onn. 65-inch QLED TV is down to just $398 right now as part of the Walmart Black Friday deals that are currently underway. A substantial saving of $180, this is a great chance to save big on a TV that should last you a while to come. Don’t miss out by buying it today. It won’t get cheaper on Black Friday.

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