It may be a strange size, but this Samsung 58-inch 4K TV is $220 off

Samsung 82-inch 4K smart TV.

As Thanksgiving fast approaches, it is time to start pouring over the weird ones, the ones you might have missed or overlooked. Today, we bring to you one of the best Black Friday TV deals, a TV in a somewhat unusual size. We’ll get into the specifics of why the Samsung 58-inch TU7000 4K Smart TV is so unusual in just a bit, but for now you should know that it is on sale at Walmart for only $378. As part of Walmart Black Friday deals, the Samsung 58-inch TU7000 4K Smart TV is $222 off its standard $600 price, over a third of its price slashed.

Why you should buy the 58-inch Samsung TU7000 4K Smart TV

So, what’s weird about the 58-inch Samsung Class 4K Crystal UHD TV? We admit it is a bit subtle, but the size is a bit… off standard. Scroll through our best TV’s and you’ll find the vast majority of TV’s have a size difference of 5 or 10 inches. There’s nothing wrong with the 58-inch size, but it’s really marching to the beat of its own drum. It’s all about individuality and personal style.

Enough with the size, what about the features? One thing that should be drilled into your mind from our 4K TV buying guide is that if a TV is going to be 4K, it would be a waste for it to not be smart too. In other words, the HDR and PurColor that provide fine-tuned colors are simply not enough. Nor is the Samsung Class 4K Crystal UHD TV’s Direct Lit backlighting that further sharpens those finely tuned pixels. In fact, not only do you need those, but also features like access to the Tizen smart OS. Or, better yet, usage of the Crystal Processor to upgrade all of your old programs into 4K, live while you watch. Finally, you’ll also want the TV’s Auto Game Mode, which detects gaming sessions and improves input lag automatically.

So, looking for something just a tad unusual? Just pop the Samsung 58-inch TU7000 4K Smart TV in your cart while it is still $378. Again, that’s $222 off the normal $600 price and a fantastic deal for this unusually sized TV. Looking for a TV in a more standard size? Check out these great 65-inch TV Black Friday deals. Get in there, and we’re sure you’ll find something to love!

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