How to get gold camos in Modern Warfare II

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has nearly 200 unique camos to choose from in its multiplayer mode, but one, in particular, stands out above the rest — the gold camo. While there are now a few higher-ranking camos above gold (platinum, polyatomic, and Orion), the gold camo is a classic, easily identifiable on the battlefield, letting the enemy know that you’ve mastered your rifle of choice.

Unlocking gold camos and higher in Modern Warfare II takes time, skill, and knowing where to look in the game’s sometimes overcomplicated UI. We’re here to show you where to look for the right challenges and how to move on to weapon mastery.

Gun with a gold camo in MW2.

How to unlock gold camos in MW2

How to unlock the gold and higher camos isn’t easy to understand at first glance, so we’ll show you where to look.

Step 1: From the multiplayer home screen, select the Weapons tab on the top toolbar.

Step 2: Select Multiplayer loadout.

Step 3: Select one of your custom loadouts.

Step 4: Hover over your primary weapon and select Gunsmith.

Step 5: At the top of your screen, select Customize.

Step 6: Select Camo.

Step 7: Toward the left of the screen, you’ll see a gray box with specific unlock options for the gun you’ve selected. There are four camos to the left with challenges attached to them. You must level up your weapon to unlock each camo challenge, then complete the listed challenge — these usually just require you to get a certain number of kills with the weapon or use it in a specific manner by getting hip-fire or ADS kills.

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