The best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Vaznev-9K loadout

When it comes to dominating the playing field in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, you’ll need to come equipped with an SMG, especially on smaller 6v6 maps. While there are a lot of decent options, the best choice is currently the Vaznev-9K.

Sure, there are other great SMGs like the Lachmann Sub, but when it comes to sheer power, the Vaznev-9K is at the top of its class. Of course, with so many attachments available, it’s tricky to build weapons in the most efficient way possible. In this guide, we’ll show you the best Vaznev-9K loadout in Modern Warfare II.

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Vaznev-9K overview

Before diving into the loadout itself, let’s first take a look at just how the Vaznev-9K functions so you know how to use it effectively. For starters, this is an SMG, so you’ll want to stick to close or midrange battles. The Vaznev excels in many ways, but its greatest asset is the weapon’s potential. When compared to the Lachmann Sub — which is one of the most competitive SMGs in the game — the Vaznev has a faster time to kill (TTK). The Vaznev also performs well at midrange, making it versatile, especially when compared to other SMGs. It also has a relatively fast fire rate, giving it plenty of strengths with almost no downsides.

The best Vaznev-9K loadout

The Vaznev-9K in Modern Warfare II.

Recommended attachments:

Muzzle Lockshot KT85
Magazine 45 Round Mag
Laser FSS OLE-V Laser
Stock Otrezat Stock
Rear grip True-Tac Grip

There are lots of ways to build the Vaznev-9K, but we recommend prioritizing speed, mobility, and recoil control, which allows you to excel at close to midrange.

First, start off with the Lockshot KT85 Muzzle for improved horizontal and vertical recoil control. This won’t keep you from appearing on the minimap, but in Modern Warfare II, silencers aren’t as useful anyway. Then, it’s best to use the 45 Round Mag, giving you plenty of ammo to take down multiple foes. You don’t want to get caught reloading when battling back-to-back enemies.

Next, we recommend the FSS OLE-V Laser, which boosts your aim down sights (ADS) speed, aiming stability, and sprint-to-fire time. This makes up for the sluggishness of the Lockshot Muzzle.

Follow that up with the Otrezat Stock for improved walking movement speed and sprinting speed, allowing you to move around quickly. Finally, use the True-TAC Grip Rear Grip, which improves your sprint-to-fire time and ADS speed.

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