How to hide your TV and home theater wires for a tidy look

Buying a new TV or home theatre system is always exciting. But what’s not so enjoyable is the mess of wires you have to deal with when setting everything up. Nobody wants an ugly tangle of wires ruining their sleek-looking TV, but fortunately, there are several ways to keep the chaos at bay. To help you get started, we’ve outlined several easy ways to hide your rat’s nest of TV and home theater wires without spending a lot of time and money.

Someone holding a wrapped cable.

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Use cable ties for a cheap organization solution

If you don’t want to spend a fortune to get expensive organization solutions, just buy some cheap cable ties. They come in a wide variety of colors and are available as zip ties or reusable Velcro straps so you can bunch up some or all of the wires and tie them together for a more organized look.

Here are some affordable options:

  • Amazon Basics Multi-Purpose Cable Ties
  • Sugara Self-Locking Cable Ties
  • HMROPE Fastening Cable Ties
The AmazonBasics HDMI cable being used for a laptop.

Use shorter cables

Another easy way to avoid the wire mess is to opt for shorter cables. Unnecessarily long cables can create a giant tangle around your TV and home theatre system, but this problem is easily solved by doing some quick measurements and buying the length of cable that best suits the distance you need, leaving less chance of tangling with nearby wires.

This isn’t always possible especially if your electronics are placed far away from each other, but if the space and sockets in your room allow, you can easily solve this problem by creating a more compact system and then using shorter cables for a neat look.

 Cord Management Organizer Kit.

Use a cable management kit

If you’re ready to spend more time and money to hide your TV and home theater wires, you can invest in cable management kits. They come in a range of prices and materials, so you can find something for every budget.

The kits are quite comprehensive, so you can use them for most of your wires, but the only downside is that they take some time and effort to set up. On the positive side, if the pieces are too confusing, you can just hire someone to install everything for you.

If you’re ready to put in that work, here are some of the best cable management kits we recommend:

  • N NOROCME Cord Management Organizer Kit
  • DURAKINGS Cord/Cable Management Kit
  • Stageek Cable Management System Kit
 D-Line Cable Management Box.

Use a cord management box

A similar but simpler solution to hide those pesky wires is to use a cord management box. These are fairly easy to set up and can be quite affordable. You can use the cord management box to neatly bundle up the wires on the floor or behind the TV for a clean look.

Here are some of the best cord management boxes to buy:

  • D-Line Cable Management Box
  • Yecaye Cable Management Box
  • Cable Management Box by Baskiss
Home theater cables hidden in a cable management track.

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Use a raceway kit for wall-mounted TVs and speakers

If you have a wall-mounted TV or a set of surround speakers mounted to a wall, you can invest in a raceway kit to hide the wires running down the wall. These are simple, neutral-colored rails that come in a variety of neutral colors to match your walls. Many of them are also paintable if you want them to disappear. They’re easily fastened to the wall with double-sided adhesive tape, and the kits usually come with a varitey of pieces that navigate corners, baseboards, and even t-junctions. You can hide the wires inside these rails that blend with your interiors and create a clean, concealed look.

Here are the best options to buy:

  • Delamu Cord Cover Raceway Kit
  • A+ ELECTRIC Raceway Cable Concealer
  • D-Line Cable Raceway
Cable wall art.

Use art or decor to hide wires

Decoration isn’t just for aesthetics. Smart decor can help you cover up the web of wires in your room. You can use items like paintings, vases, sculptures, and pretty much anything to hide the wires. Some people also arrange the cables creatively to make them look like art.

The best part about this idea is that you don’t have to spend lots of money or drill into your walls to cover up the mess of wires. You can arrange the art pieces yourself or get a designer to do it for you. Either way, it’s a simpler and more eye-catching option than those boring ties and boxes.

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