God of War Ragnarok: How to find the Giant’s Toes treasure

If you think about it, Kratos is actually more of a treasure hunter than almost anything else. Ever since his first appearance, this Spartan has been raiding and smashing treasure chests of all kinds across Greece and Midgard. It would only make sense that, upon finding a treasure map, Kratos would be very interested in collecting that loot for himself. Unfortunately, these maps aren’t as clear as just pointing you to the dig spot.

The Giant’s Toes treasure map can be found later on God of War Ragnarok whilst exploring the Vanir Shrine in Vanaheim. Once you have it, like all the other treasure maps in the game, you will be presented with an image and a not-very-helpful blurb relating to it. Vanaheim is one of the larger, more complex realms in God of War Ragnarok, so finding this one spot isn’t as easy as some others. Here’s how to find the Giant’s Toes treasure in God of War Ragnarok.

The Giant's Toes treasure map clue.

How to find the Giant’s Toes treasure

The Giant’s Toes treasure map can be picked up in the Vanir Shrine in Vanaheim. This is on your critical path during the Freya’s Missing Peace side quest, so make sure to track that objective. Once you reach the top of the shrine, find the map in the corner to the right to start hunting this treasure.

Step 1: Examine the map and read the information that states:
“The Jotnar may be gone from the realms, but giants still rise above the Vanir. My treasure may seem insignificant compared to its lush, sweeping boughs, but I prefer to look at it as room for growth.”

Step 2: Travel back down the river in the direction you came.

Step 3: Find a dock on the opposite side of the Cliffside Ruins location.

Step 4: Find Brok’s forge, along with the Mystic Gateway nearby.

Step 5: Circle around behind the Mystic Gateway to find the dig spot.

Step 6: Interact with the spot to collect the treasure.

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