Walmart Black Friday Air Fryer Deals: What to buy before it’s gone

We didn’t have to wait long for thevBlack Friday deals to begin this year. Walmart Black Friday deals are already online to give shoppers a chance to snare the products they want to buy this holiday season at true Black Friday prices. There are already many sales for products at their lowest prices all year, such as Black Friday laptop deals and certainly Black Friday air fryer deals. Walmart hasn’t rolled out all of its Black Friday sales products, so more will be coming, but some deals have already sold out, so don’t delay if you see a deal you want — prices don’t drop further when there is no inventory left. If this is the year you’re shopping for air fryers, check out Walmart’s deals below.

Farberware 1.9-Quart Air Fryer — $35, was $39

Farberware 1.9-Quart Air Fryer product shot on a white background.

If you’re shopping for an air fryer for one or two people, or if you want to start air frying without spending a lot of money, Farberware’s 1.9-quart air fryer is a wise choice. This model has all the key features for air frying novices: clean design with a small footprint, simple operation with basic manual controls, and a dishwasher-safe cooking basket and trivet for easy cleanup. As a bonus, you can also use this Farberware model to bake, grill, fry, and toast as well as air frying, which can free up counterspace you’d otherwise need for additional appliances. Save $4 of the usual $39 price when you buy this 1.9-quart Farberware air fryer for just $35.

Chefman 5-Quart TurboTouch Easy View Air Fryer — $49, was $120

Chefman 5-Quart TurboTouch Easy View Air Fryer product shot on a white background.

The best air fryer deals are often the ones that save the most money, unless you’re shopping for luxury models. Chefman’s 5-quart TurboTouch Easy View air fryer is a case in point. You can buy this large family-size air fryer with digital controls for less than $50, which is an impressive $71 savings from the normal $120 list price. The TurboTouch’s 5-quart cooking basket is just right for a family or group of up to five people or to create delicious air-fried snacks for a crowd. Windows on the front of the basket let you watch the cooking progress so you don’t have to pull out the basket to check. An LED countdown timer helps you keep track of the cooking time including shake alerts. The Chefman’s digital control panel has one-touch buttons for cooking functions, time, and temperature. Clean up is fast and easy plus the overall size conserves space even with this air fryer’s versatility. Buy and save with this one before the inventory disappears.

Chefman 9-Quart TurboFry XL Digital Touch Dual Basket Air Fryer — $79, was $139

Chefman 9-Quart TurboFry Digital Touch Dual Basket Air Fryer XL product shot with both basket drawers open.

If you’re an experienced air fryer or you can anticipate that you’ll want to air fry more than one dish or snack at the same time, the 9-quart Chefman TurboFry XL Digital Touch Dual Basket air fryer’s two independently controlled, 4.5-quart cooking baskets have the capacity to cook two dishes simultaneously. You can even use Chefman’s Sync Finish feature so the food cooking in both baskets finishes at the same time. This Chefman model also gives both visual and audible alerts when it’s time to shake each basket — approximately halfway through the cooking time for most air fry recipes. The digital control panel includes eight cooking functions you can select with one-touch buttons. Save $60 when you snap up the Chefman TurboFry XL Digital Touch Dual Basket air fryer for $79 instead of the $139 list price.

Chefman  8-Quart TurboFry  Stainless Steel Air Fryer — $83, was $93

Chefman  8-Quart Turbo Fry  Stainless Steel Air Fryer on a white counter with cooked dishes.

If you like the sleek, modern look of stainless steel in your kitchen, the Chefman 8-quart TurboFry Stainless Steel air fryer is a smart buy as well as a smart-looking countertop appliance. The non-stick 8-quart frying basket is the right size for a larger family or group of six or more people. The digital control panel has pre-programmed one-touch buttons for cooking French fries, chicken, meat, and fish plus you can set the time and temperature to your preferred levels. If your house is party central or your family has hefty appetites for air-fried dishes, Walmart’s $83 Black Friday deal for this Chefman model saves $10 off the regular $93 price.

Instant Vortex 10-Quart Air Fryer Oven — $98, was $129

Instant Vortex 10-Quart Air Fryer Oven cooking a rotisserie chicken.

Instant Brands, the company that manufactures the ubiquitous Instant Pot line of multifunction pressure cookers also makes the Instant Vortex air fryer line. The 10-quart Instant Vortex Air Fryer Oven is exceptionally versatile. This model’s oven-style design enables its 7-in-1 functionality. Equipped with a bright touchscreen display, the Instant Vortex is large enough to cook eight-plus servings with your choice of cooking modes. With this model, you can air fry, broil roast, bake, dehydrate, reheat, and rotisserie cook. The extensive set of accessories for the various cooking mode includes a non-stick drip pan, two perforated cooking trays, a cooking rack, lift tool, and a stainless steel rotisserie basket with a rotisserie spit and forks. Walmart’s sale on the 10-quart Instant Vortex Air Fryer Oven knocks $31 off its regular $129 price, so you can score this multi-purpose cooker for just $98 if you buy before the inventory runs out.

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