How to get Mod Tokens in God of War Ragnarok

Even going back to the first entry in the series, God of War has always incorporated RPG elements to some degree. It started out simple — essentially just allowing you to power up weapons — but has expanded to include crafting, gear, skill trees, abilities, and more that can all be leveled up and modified. While playing, it can easily become too much to remember to manage to keep all your gear, skills, and abilities up to date, so even knowing about Mod Tokens might pass you by.

Mod Tokens are almost completely glazed over by God of War Ragnarok‘s tutorials. If you’re not actively paying attention, you could go through the entire game without utilizing them. While it would certainly be possible to beat the game without interacting with them, this series is all about getting as powerful as possible, so why limit yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about Mod Tokens in God of War Ragnarok.

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What are Mod Tokens?

Kratos looks at the Leviathan Axe.

Mod Tokens are upgrades that you can apply to specific skills you’ve unlocked in the skill tree. Some skills, but not all, will have Skill Labours attached to them. These just ask you to use that skill a number of times in order to increase that skill to the next tier. Once you’ve completed all the Skill Labours for a certain skill, and maxed out its tier, it will allow you to place a Mod Token onto that skill.

Mod Tokens vary depending on which skill you’re applying them to. You get three choices, with things like damage, elemental, and resistance to being staggered while using the skill among them. You can only apply one Mod Token to a skill at any time, but you can have Mod Tokens on all available skills, even if they’re both damage for example.

How to get Mod Tokens

Getting Mod Tokens is very easy. Once you’ve completed a skill’s Skill Labours and unlocked the ability to apply a Mod Token, simply select the skill and decide which of the three Mod Tokens you want to apply. From there, so long as you have enough XP to spend, you can create and insert the Mod Token on the fly. Make sure you remember to not only do your Skill Labours, but also actually create and insert Mod Tokens throughout your journey to keep increasing your power.

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