Where to stream Where the Crawdads Sing

A mysterious murder, a beautiful young woman, two handsome men that love her, and a picturesque setting filled with wild animals and strange characters. What’s not to like? This past summer, audiences found a reprieve from blockbuster superhero and dinosaur movies and made Where the Crawdads Sing an unlikely hit.

The movie, based on the bestselling book by Della Owens (whose real-life troubles could fuel a novel of her own), is about a young woman named Kya in 1960s North Carolina who is charged with the murder of her lover, Chase. Did she do it? Even if she didn’t, will anyone believe a “wild and loose” woman’s claims of innocence in a small Southern town in the ’60s? While it’s too late to catch the movie in theaters to find out these answers, the film will soon hit streaming services for more people to discover and solve the mystery behind Crawdad‘s tangled plot.

Where is it streaming?

A man and a woman sit in a courtroom in Where the Crawdads Sing.
Michele K. Short/Sony Pictures

If you want to follow Kya as she struggles to survive love, the Deep South, and a murder charge, then you should head toward one platform where you can watch the movie for free with a subscription. Netflix will be the streaming home for Where the Crawdads Sing for the foreseeable future.

Netflix is still considered to be one of the pioneers of the streaming world. The subscription service provides thousands of hours of content in the form of movies and television. Netflix’s original programming boasts some of the most popular television shows in the world, including Stranger Things, The Crown, and Bridgerton. In recent years, Netflix’s lineup of original films has included prestige dramas like The Power of the Dog and The Irishman, blockbusters such as The Gray Man and Red Notice, and romantic films like Purple Hearts and The Kissing Booth.

When does it stream for subscribers?

Where the Crawdads Sing will stream on Netflix beginning November 12.

How much does it cost?

Netflix has four subscription plans. There is the basic plan, which costs $10 per month and can be watched on one supported device at a time. The standard plan costs $15.50 per month and supports two devices at a time. The premium plan is $20 and can be watched on four supported devices at a time. All three of these plans are ad-free.

The fourth plan is the basic plan with ads. Starting in November 2022, this brand-new ad plan costs $7 per month. Users can access Netflix on this plan via one supported device at a time. Ads will be shown before and during most shows and movies. Some movies and TV shows are unavailable due to licensing restrictions, and downloads are not included.

Is it worth it?

Only if forbidden romances and whodunit mysteries set in the past are up your alley. According to our reviewer, star “[Daisy] Edgar-Jones manages to make Kya’s strength and insecurities feel real. She brings a quiet steadiness to her character that not only adds further authenticity to the film’s characterization of her, but also makes it easy to buy into some of the more questionable or difficult decisions that she is forced to make throughout it.”

Along with Edgar-Jones, the film stars Harris Dickinson (Triangle of Sadness) as Chase, Taylor John Smith as Tate, and veteran character actor David Strathairn as Tom Milton. The movie was directed by Olivia Newman and is 125 minutes long.

Currently, Where the Crawdads Sing registers 35% on the Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes and a critics score of 43 on Metacritic.

Where the Crawdads Sing will stream on Netflix starting November 12.

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