How to change the eartips of the Google Pixel Buds Pro

Whether you’re a power user or someone trying out the fantastic Pixel Buds Pro for the first time, it’s important to ensure you’re using the best-fitting ear tips for an optimal listening experience. If your earbuds are too loose, the background noises can seep into your ear and noise cancellation won’t be as effective.

Dirty earbuds can also be a culprit to poor-sounding cans, so we recommend checking your Pixel Buds Pro eartips and cleaning them or just changing them if the sound quality isn’t optimal. Fortunately, changing the eartips on the Pixel Buds Pro is pretty easy. Just follow the steps below.

Four individual Pixel Buds Pro headphones sit on a pink background.


Remove the eartips you’re using

If you’re already using the Pixel Buds Pro and just want to change the pair of eartips, first remove the current eartips from the earbuds. You can do this with your hands or using a soft cloth.

Step 1: Pinch the eartip and gently twist it to separate it from the earbud’s body.

Step 2: Use a little more force if it feels stuck, but make sure you don’t pull too hard to avoid tearing and damage.

Pixel Bud Eartips.

Choose your replacement eartips

Most earbuds, including the Pixel Buds Pro, come with extra eartips in the box, saving you the cost of buying additional pairs. If you’re not a fan of the provided tips or if you run out of fresh tips to use, they’re pretty easy to come by. But before you choose:

Step 1: You may have already done the handy Eartip Seal Check to help you confirm the right size eartips for you. If you have, then you already know which size is best for you.

Step 2: With your perfect fit in hand, use the provided tips in the box or buy new ones from other brands as long as they’re compatible with the Pixel Buds Pro.

Here’s an example: Comply Ear Tips for Google Pixel Buds Pro

We recommend using the default Google eartips for the best results.

Pixel Buds Pro and the case.

Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

Install the new eartips

With the previous eartips removed, you can just plug your new eartips onto the earbuds.

Step 1: Pinch the new eartip with your fingers.

Step 2: Place the broader side of the eartip toward the earbud and press it in.

Google Pixel Buds Pro black.

Step 3: Check if it’s fitted correctly by gently pulling it out. It shouldn’t come off too easily. You can also perform the eartip seal test again to make sure the fit is right.

If you’re still struggling to remove the old eartip or fitting the new one, consider cleaning your earbuds so there’s no dust or sticky wax getting in the way. If the earbud is damaged, no tips will fit perfectly, and we recommend buying a new pair of the earbuds instead.

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