An aerial dogfight comes alive in Devotion preview

It wasn’t planned this way, but 2022 is turning out to be the year of the fighter pilots at the box office. Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick remains on track to become the biggest movie of the year. And later this month, Devotion will follow in Maverick‘s footsteps. Even though Devotion doesn’t have the budget of Maverick, it does have a true story at the heart of the film.

Devotion Exclusive Movie Clip – Bridge Attack (2022)

Jonathan Majors is headlining Devotion as Jesse Brown, the first African-American aviator in the Korean War. And in the clip above, Jesse disregards his superior officer during a mission in order to successfully take out an enemy bridge. Brown’s insubordination may get him in trouble, but he seems absolutely fearless in the face of danger. That’s an excellent quality for a fighter pilot to have.

A Black pilot looks at missiles exploding around him in Devotion.

By an odd coincidence, Top Gun: Maverick‘s Glen Powell also appears in Devotion as Tom Hudner, Jesse’s wingman and friend. Jesse and Tom rely on each other when flying into battle. But when it comes to the everyday racism that Jesse encounters in this country, there’s only so much that Tom can do to help his friend.

Christina Jackson also stars in the movie as Daisy Brown, with Joe Jonas as Marty Goode, Thomas Sadoski as Dick Cevoli, and Serinda Swan as Elizabeth Taylor. Daren Kagasoff, Nick Hargrove, and Spencer Neville have supporting roles.

Jake Crane and Jonathan A. Stewart co-wrote the screenplay based upon Adam Makos’ book Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice. J. D. Dillard directed Devotion, which will hit theaters on Wednesday, November 23.

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