This top-rated Philips 65-inch 4K TV is under $400 and it’s selling fast

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Walmart wants you to beat the rush with its Walmart Black Friday deals, which are active right now! We’ve found a great 65-inch Philips 4K TV ready for you to purchase at this very moment. The TV, which typically retails at $448, is down $50 while the sale lasts. That’s a final price of $398 and an incredible 4K TV deal. So, go ahead and treat yourself to Black Friday early and start enjoying a good TV soon — over 100 customers have already!

Why you should buy the Philips PUL7552/F7 4K TV

The Philips PUL7552/F7 4K TV is a Google-powered TV that will wow the whole family. As mentioned in our 4K TV buying guide, nearly all 4K TVs are smart. The Philips PUL7552/F7 4K TV is no different, emphasizing voice commands, apps, and casting to make your entertainment experience great. Use voice commands to change channels or pull up one of the more than 5,000 apps available on the system. The TV is directly compatible with streaming services that provide a wide diversity of entertainment options, including HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, and of course YouTube. Finally, you can always export what’s on your phone directly onto the TV with the casting features provided, so your teen can easily clue you in on their favorite TikTok memes. With multiple accounts giving a personalized experience for each member of the family, it can truly be a TV for everyone.

As for quality, the 65-inch screen will provide full UHD resolution with LED display tech and a fairly standard 60 Hz refresh rate. The HDR10 will act to provide rich colors and high 4K quality programming for a crisp viewing experience. You’ll find these stats in line with most of our picks for 65-inch TV deals, and will almost certainly provide a quality increase for your home theater setup if you haven’t upgraded in a few years.

If this sends a big “buy” signal to you, be sure to act now. You certainly won’t be the only one, as Walmart is sending signals that over 100 of these TVs have flown off the shelves in just the past 24 hours. Once again, this is a $448 TV being sold for only $398, a $50 markdown. Finally, if you want to go against the grain (but still get a great TV while Black Friday deals are on) be sure to check out our full listing of the best Black Friday TV deals. Your wallet will thank you!

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