Even alarm clocks are smart now, and this one is only $20 today

A woman checks the time on the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential.

As we wake up from the collective Mandela Effect naggingly telling us that Daylight Savings Time shifts were permanently voted out, it is only natural to start thinking of a better way. Well, now at Walmart you can get a very *smart* alarm clock for just $20 as part of Walmart Black Friday deals. The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is on sale for $30 off its standard $50 and is currently at the lowest price we’ve ever reported it being at. Start Black Friday as early as you want, and while you’re at it wake up as early as you want with this cheap smart gadget.

Why you should buy the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

The first, foremost, and for many of you the final words on the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential’s smartness will be “Google Assistant.” If you’re used to the platform, you’ll already be excited about mixing and matching your new Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with the 40,000+ other compatible devices. Brighten your morning lights with a, “Hey Google” in the morning and get your best smart home devices working before you’re even dressed. Also, you can be fully sure that the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential will hear your one and every command with its dual-microphone array.

As for the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential itself, you have a fairly standard 4-inch screen and LED display. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the gentle night light built into the system. The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential even departs somewhat into home weather station territory by providing you with an overview of the day’s weather and the current temperature. If it happens to be warm enough to not want to snooze for a few more hours, you can enjoy the morning news with the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential’s high-quality 1.5-inch 3W speaker.

Now’s the time to level up your mornings! Grab the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential for just $20 (a big $30 down from its typical $50) and start celebrating Black Friday savings today! Finally, finish up your Black Friday shopping very early by checking out our best Black Friday deals — more companies are starting early than you might think!

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