Walmart has the PS5 in stock right now, and anyone can buy it

A PS5 standing on a table, with purple lights around it.
Martin Katler/Unsplash

Hurry! Walmart has the PS5 in stock right now. This is not a drill! Walmart has surprised us with a restock of the coveted new console, and it’s up for grabs to anyone. As a bonus, the game comes bundled with God of War: Ragnarök. Both the console and the game are listed at their regular retail price of $500 and $60 respectively. You don’t have to worry about buying a resold PS5 for twice what it’s worth. For only $560 you can finally grab the illusive console for yourself.

The PlayStation 5 has had a rough launch. A microchip shortage and a worldwide pandemic combined to make Sony’s supply chain a disaster. The console launched two years ago, but has still been difficult for your average consumer to buy. Sony announced in May that they would produce 18 million consoles in 2022, so things are looking up. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to walking into Walmart and grab one off the shelf anytime soon.

But you can still grab this bundle at Walmart today! It is likely to sell out within the hour, so grab it now. I mean right now — why are you still reading this? When you’re done, make sure to pair your new console with some added bonuses in our PlayStation deals, like an extra controller, a backlog of new games, and maybe even a VR set. If you want to play online, you’ll need a PlayStation Network account, which you can save some cash on with our PS Plus deals.

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