Dispenser Specs

Our dispenser is sleek, bright(!), and boasts a low maintenance design built to function flawlessly and withstand the elements in high foot traffic locations year round.

Here’s what the unit has to offer:


Because the elements can be brutal, and we built this device to last.

Safety Message & Advertisement Area

Good real estate for usage information, marketing messaging, logos, etc.

LED Indicator Light

You’ll know when it’s time to refill without the need of randomly opening it up to find out based on this convenient feature…

Infrared Sensor

An infrared sensor automatically delivers the perfect 1.5ml dose of sunscreen through a clean, hands-free system.

Built in Drip Catcher

It is what it says it is. Literally.

Weather Resistant Electronics

This beauty will function through the nicest of days, as well as the stormiest.

Easy Clean Surface

Give it a quick wipe, and it looks as polished and sleek as the day it was installed!

Specialized Lock System

To prevent the theft of stocked sunscreen.

Wall or Pole Mount Brackets

Making it easy to place depending on what’s present in the given location you’re looking to install a dispenser in.

Message Area

A 4” x 6” creative ad space / safety message area allows you to customize a media campaign for the dispenser that will actively engage users.

Unbreakable Mirror

Our coated plastic viewing mirror makes it simple for people to properly apply sunscreen and will never break or shatter.

High Capacity

Our dispenser holds a 1000ml sunscreen vessel that is good for over 660 applications.

Battery Powered

Our dispenser uses a battery system that is driven off of 4-D batteries with an active lifespan of 6 months before the need of replacement.

1000ml Sunscreen Capacity

Meaning, you won’t need to fill it every five minutes…