Global Sunblock Initiatives

Prevention. That’s the name of the game when it comes to warding off harm caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. With prevention comes the need to make the effort a part of your daily routine. That routine should involve the liberal application of sunscreen.

In order to aid in this preventative initiative, Make Big Change has partnered with Bright Guard to offer automatic sunscreen dispensing units that can be mounted to a pole, or wall, delivering ease of access for those in need of a quick squirt of sunscreen (whether they forgot theirs at home, or whatever the reason may be…)

The Bright Guard dispenser gives people of all ages access to sunscreen in order to help block the harmful effects of sun overexposure. The dispensers can be strategically placed at businesses as well as other public venues to increase skin cancer awareness and encourage the use of sunscreen.

Key Features

  • Infrared Sensor – An infrared sensor automatically delivers the perfects 1.5ml dose of sunscreen through a clean, hands-free system.
  • Message Area – A 4” x 6” creative ad space / safety message area allows you to customize a media campaign for the dispenser that will actively engage users.
  • Unbreakable Mirror – Our coated plastic viewing mirror makes it simple for people to properly apply sunscreen and will never break or shatter.
  • High Capacity – Our dispenser holds a 1000ml sunscreen vessel that is good for over 660 applications.

East Coast Partner of Bright Guard:

bright-guardMake Big Change has partnered with Bright Guard to obtain and initiate the installation of their state-of-the-art sunscreen dispensaries which are stocked with the highest quality, hypoallergenic sunscreen – fit for all ages and skin types.

The weather resistant automatic sunscreen dispenser was built to give people easy access to sunscreen in any outdoor environment. Our robust, low maintenance design was built to function flawlessly in high foot traffic environments year round.

The sunscreen we provide is a natural SPF 30 blend that includes 6% zinc oxide and 6% titanium oxide. It is oxybenzone and paraben free with UVA and UVB protection. Our broad-spectrum all-natural sunscreen is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Interested in obtaining a unit? Get involved. We’d love to hear from you:

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Phone: 603.674.8156

Together we can make big change.