Awareness Initiatives

We have some goals setup for ourselves that we’d like to bring to fruition with your help. Together we can Make Big Change.

Through fundraising and grants, money raised will be used to develop an array of programs targeting youth and adults aimed at educating and preventing skin cancers.

Our preliminary goals are as follows

  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… The primary focus of 2015 will be to place sunscreen-dispensing devices across high-traffic areas across New England. The goal of this initiative is to increase the use of sunscreen by easing access while outdoors at playgrounds, public parks, soccer fields, baseball parks, etc.
  • Educate middle and high school nurses regarding the dangers of tanning bed use and sun safety principles. In turn, they will educate their students during the month of May for Melanoma Awareness and Don’t Fry Day. We will provide posters regarding the dangers of tanning beds and sun safety principles.
  • Work with New England State’s Health and Human Services boards to educate all residents of the States regarding: 1) the Surgeon General’s Call-to-Action 2) Sun safety principles 3) Dangers of tanning bed use.
  • Work with State governments to develop a sun safety program for all of its employees. This will be a model program to be used by other states to educate their employees.
  • Set up a $500 scholarship for a student entering their freshman year of college. We will ask them to write an essay about how they would like to Make Big Change.